Survey of 1,800 London cyclists outlines dire need for secure bike parking

A study published today has outlined how the ease and regularity in which bicycles are stolen in London is stunting cycle commute growth in the Capital.

Carried out by Quanteze on behalf of Stolen Ride and the London Cycling Campaign, 45% of the 1,800 cyclists surveyed stated that they personally had been victim to at least one bike theft. 19% had seen more than one bike pinched.

With eight of London’s key transport hubs offering just 2,351 cycle parking spaces, 75% of the survey’s respondents said they feel cyclists are currently locking bikes in unsecured locations giving thieves and easy ride.

Startlingly, 91% of bikes  stolen from a public place were locked; however a significant number of owners (46%) had only used cheaper cable-type locks. Following theft, virtually all riders (95%) stepped up their bike security, the use of different locks or locking systems being the most common change.

Other findings include:

  • 47% classed their bikes as their most valued possession, more than 3 times as many as those who specified their car, PC or phone.
  • 55% reported being ‘very concerned’ with the security of their bikes out and about in London.
  • Many cyclists do not have theft insurance, 4 in 10 of the surveyed cyclists.
  • 65% believe that better availability of cost effective tracking devices will help recover more stolen bikes. ecocycle

Now available in the UK via EcoCycle is a secure under or overground parking system that could provide local authorities with a guaranteed fix to theft. The system, invented in Japan, went viral online with cyclists impressed by the space saving and security advantages of an automated parking garage.

Richard Cantle, founder of Stolen Ride said: “I’m focused on helping to tackle the issues highlighted by this survey and today I announce that I’m going to be rapidly expanding Stolen Ride into cycle theft prevention and education in 2017.”

Tom Bogdanowicz from the London Cycling Campaign added: “The theft survey highlights the need for more cycle stands in London as well as the need to use good locks and insure your bike against theft.”