Sydney councils call for active travel investment alongside new rail and road links

Councils in Sydney, Australia are calling for walking and cycling links to come in tandem with investment in new rail links, reports the SMH.

With $12 billion set aside for a new metro line through central Sydney, councils within the district are assessing how the fresh links might connect to the developed areas of each borough and many are calling for multi-modal solutions.

The Inner West council is among those applying pressure to build in active travel, proposing new cycling links between St Peters and the cycle friendly route promised as part of the WestConnex motorway.

In assessing the environmental impact of the new line, Willoughby Council has further proposed a shared us pedestrian and cycling bridge to ensure people can still cross the line once laid.

Last month it was revealed in the NSW budget for 2016 that $80 million would be set aside for developing cycling infrastructure. Among those projects touted was improved access to the Syndey Harbour Bridge, which currently sees cyclists pushing bikes up numerous flights of stairs.

Allocated as part of the Restart NSW infrastructure fund, this cash comes on top of a $39 million pot announced in April and set to be spent on 110 kilometres of on and off road bicycle routes to be delivered within the next financial year.

You can read more on the plans here.