Taichung Bike Week postponed as Delta variant expands

Industry meet the Taichung Bike Week will be postponed in response to the worldwide growth of the Covid-19 Delta variant.

The decision comes on the back of a wide-ranging consultation by the event organisers and hosting venues, the trio of hotels where the event spreads its exhibition.

According to an update by Taichung Bike Week the consultation results were as follows:

“According to the Splendor Hotel, although it had 229 past exhibitors, only 14 were interested in participating this year, and even these firms would not be willing to attend if the show was downsized. The Evergreen Laurel Hotel had 114 past exhibitors, but only 5 were interested in participating this year. The Tempest Hotel had 67 past exhibitors, and only 20 were interested in participating this year. These results led all three hotels to decide that based on epidemic-prevention considerations and the wishes of a majority of exhibiting firms, TBW should not be held this year. Next year’s schedule for TBW will be announced after discussion in the near future.”

This cancellation is the second related to Covid, with the 2020 event initially postponed to September of 2021, the date now chopped until such a time the organisers feel it safe to resume. The 2022 dates have, as yet, not been formalised.