Tern launches #bikesforbusiness programme

Urban transportation specialist, Tern, today unveiled its new #bikesforbusiness programme.

The programme aims to help organisations integrate bikes in to their business operations, and also gives IBD’s products and materials with which to approach local businesses.

The programme will be rolled out where the Tern GSD (#GreatStuffDelivered) is sold. The Tern GSD is a compact utility e-Bike that helps small businesses deliver and do more, carrying weights up to 172kg. The GSD can adapt to fit a wide range of riders and doesn’t require any licence or insurance to operate.

Matt Davis, Tern Sales and Business Development Director, said: “In crowded urban areas, e-Bikes are often the fastest way to get from point to point. This makes them great for much more than just commuting or recreation.

“They’re perfect for last-mile deliveries, facilities management, and campus bike-share, to name just a few. We’ve received a growing number of requests from businesses, small and large, since the launch of the GSD, and the #BikesForBusiness programme is here to help get their ideas off the ground.”

The programme includes: pitch decks for IBD’s, sample service and warranty contracts for dealers to offer in addition to selling the bikes, and cloud-based fleet management software and locking hardware, customisation options for the GSD, and commercial accessory options.

Tern hopes the programme will encourage businesses to consider bicycles as a sustainable logistics option.

Team Captain of Tern, Josh Hon, said: “More businesses on bikes is something that is essential for the health of our planet. But it’s also great for the people working in those businesses who’ll get more sun and exercise.

“And it’ll be a really good thing for dealers who can start to build a recurring revenue model for their shops. Don’t forget – businesses depending on bikes in their operations will want to buy quality, and to buy local from a dependable service provider.”

Below is an example of the Tern GSD in action:

To find out more about the programme, click here or contact your local Tern dealer.

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