Too many wheels in the workshop? Offset solves your storage problems

A new wheel storage solution ideal for bike shops is hurtling towards its Kickstarter goal.

Dubbed the Offset, FootHill Products design is a wall mounted rack that ensures no damage to stored wheels by offsetting the pair in order to keep components from clashing.

Easy to install, the US-made racking will house wheels up to 29-inch in size, with rims rested on a padded base to ensure no damage.

Creator Douglas Schaller told CyclingIndustry.News that he has further plans for Foothill. offset2

“I have a number of plans and products already in the works. Some just as simple and few more that are a bit more complex. I actually started the company working on a different product, but lessened my efforts on that project when I discovered that there was a good market for this wheel hook. I’m definitely looking to build a company and not be a one trick pony,” said Schaller.

You can pledge support here.