NBDA backs Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association

The National Bicycle Dealers Association has reached out to the newly formed Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association to offer support.

With goals to improve life for the bicycle mechanic, the PBMA recently elected a board of long-serving industry members who will strive to bring a long-overdue nationwide certification to the US, among other aspirations.

Todd Grant, who took over as the NBDA’s President in August of 2015, had this to say about the PBMA: “I was incredibly impressed with how quickly they formed and the level of professionalism James was bringing to the group. I saw immense opportunity in working with them, as they clearly align with our focal points of values, community, passion and expertise. What the future holds is something we both talk about regularly and I’m honored, as his peer, to be able to support James’ vision.”

“Todd Grant was one of the first people to contact me when I formed the group on Facebook,” said James Stanfill, President of the PBMA. “He reached out simply as a peer, which I truly appreciated, and has been very supportive of our vision and an incredible resource on the ins and outs of life as an association.“

Late last month CyclingIndustry.News spoke to Stanfill about the long-term vision for the PBMA, which you can read here. Furthermore, the PBMA has just released a timeline and outlined its structure.