Trade opinion: Record Store Day, the inspiration for Local Bike Shop Day

By Hannah Schmitt, ActSmart

Saturday 13th April 2019 saw another successful Record Store Day (RSD) with thousands of record shops across the globe coming together to celebrate their unique culture and community. It has become one of the biggest annual occasions on the music calendar with exclusive vinyl records created, artist performances and events throughout the world to mark the day.

RSD has become the success that it is today because it is both, exclusive to indie record stores and, an entirely inclusive event, inviting everyone to take part. Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) spearheaded RSD and with the help of indie record stores and the local communities, RSD has become the day that it is today.

Iain Aitchison, owner of Longwell records, has been a part of the RSD for as long as he can remember. For him it’s a no brainer each year: “Why miss out on the party!”

Aitchison’s favourite thing about RSD is the, “joy the customers feel throughout the day, there is a real feeling of togetherness.” Longwell Records celebrates being a small independent record store in a small town with a massive following of loyal people who want to support a local shop.

Aitchison goes on to say: “Taking part in the community and culture that is RSD each year is a fantastic memory in itself, but one year one of those memories stands out. One of my most loyal customers stood outside Longwell Records at 5AM, well before the shop opened, waiting to be the first one through the doors.”

Lessons to be learnt for Local Bike Shop Day

Like RSD, Local Bike Shop Day (LBSD) is an annual event for independent bike shops across the UK to come together and celebrate the passion and knowledge that sets them apart from the larger national chains.

The inaugural LBSD in 2018 was a huge success bringing together over 50 bike shops across the UK in celebration. This year is already promising to be bigger and better with over 140 bike shops taking part.

The day should be filled with fun and adventurous bike rides exploring the streets on two wheels, helpful tips and tricks on all things bikes and coffees, cakes and BBQ’s. It is a day for both old and new customers, family and friends to come in and enjoy everything that makes all local bike shops out there so special.

LBSD is all about the communities coming together in support and celebration of all local bike shops.

If you’re not already involved, it’s not too late so register now. The countdown has begun with only a few days until LBSD 2019, which will take place on 4th May.

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