Transport for London’s e-Bike awareness campaign gives brands a shot to drive sales

Transport for London is soon to launch what is described as a “high profile awareness campaign” to increase the use of electric bikes in London.

Soon to be launched, a dedicated website at will assist consumers in tracking down information on where they can purchase, hire or demo ride e-bikes in London.

Having earlier offered brands the chance to be part of a behaviour change scheme, TfL are now calling on industry labels to sign up before February 14th to ensure their promotional activities are listed on the new website. A press launch will follow later this month.

Offers enabling consumers to sling a leg over, or purchase, will be posted to the top of the page, with offers updated regularly. Therefore, those getting involved are encouraged to regularly develop new promotions and events.

Furthermore, companies involved will be offered their own template based sub page on the dedicated website, as updated by those at the business.

Further to the promotional activity, e-Bike grant are to be handed out to local community groups, while a pilot project will loan out electric cargo bikes to businesses to show how deliveries can often be more time and cost efficient this way.

TfL has collaborated with the Association of Cycle Traders, who have developed the new website. Those wishing to feature are asked to register with the ACT (no membership needed).

Among those driving the electric bike’s progress in the City of London, Fully Charged are soon to deploy the ‘Fully Charged Barge‘ to the rivers of London in a bid to enable potential customers to try an e-Bike along one of London’s many canal routes.

To become involved in the TfL promotion, contact Laura Dyett at TfL here.