Trek’s Sheffield Fox Valley store hit by 14 bike break-in last night

In the early hours of this morning (21 November 2018), Trek Bicycle Sheffield Fox Valley was broken into, with 14 bikes stolen from the store.

Significantly, over half of the bikes are e-bikes, so there is a strong likelihood that the bikes may turn up in bike dealers if there are issues with keys and batteries, etc.

Anyone with any information has been encouraged to contact Trek’s customer care number in Milton Keynes – 01908 360140.

The full list of stolen bikes is as follows:

Trek Remedy 9.7 27.5 19.5
Trek Fuel Ex 5 29 17.5 Black
Trek Fuel Ex 8 29 18.5 Red
Trek Fuel Ex 8 Womens 15.5 G
Trek Powerfly 4 17.5 G
Trek Powerfly 5 Womens 15.5
Trek Powerfly 7 17.5
Trek Powerly FS 5 18
Trek Powerfly FS 7 Womens 17.5
Trek Powerfly LT 9.7 17.5
Trek Powerfly LT 9 19
Trek Powerfly LT 7 17
Trek Remedy 8 27.5 Womens 15
Trek Slash 9.8 29 19.5 Green

All the serial numbers have been recorded.

Reportedly, the thieves were in and out of the shop in a matter of minutes, which was protected by alarms and CCTV. Police attended the scene.