Trump tariffs to include $1 billion in bike products

US President Donald Trump has approved tariffs on around $200 billion of Chinese imports, including $1 billion in bike products.

The tariffs come in to effect on Monday 24 September, starting at 10%. The tariffs will then increase in the New year to 25% from 1st January, on top of current duties on bike imports. Suppliers that have goods already in transit will also face a 10% charge on imports that arrive after next Sunday.

The US government have indicated that some categories of imports, such as safety products, are exempt from the tariffs, including bicycle lights and helmets.

This is the fourth round of tariffs to affect the US bicycle industry this year. In March, a 25% tariff on Steel was introduced alongside a 10% tariff on aluminium, which raised material costs for US manufacturers. In July, a 25% tariff on bearings took effect while August saw Chinese-made e-Bikes and e-Bike motors hit with another 25% tariff.

Members of the US bike industry, led by PeopleForBikes and the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association, protested against the tariffs in Washington last month. However, the announcement has been welcomed by some in the industry who believe the tariffs on imports will level the playing field of American bike manufacturing.

The tariffs hit nearly all bike-related items imported to the US from China, including complete bikes, frames, components, tyres, wheels, inner tubes, auto racks, among other accessories. The tariffs additionally affect some non-bike industries that are vital to US bike manufacturing, such hand tools, fasteners, and other machinery.

There is also talk that Trump has further tariffs lined up in case of retaliatory action, fuelling his escalating trade war with China.

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