Trust Performance updates pricing for the Message

Trust Performance, industry innovators in suspension technology, today announced updated pricing for the Message, its multi-link front suspension design launched in 2018.

Starting today, the Message will be available for a lowered price of $1,975 through authorised Trust Performance retailers and online.

The brand is able to reduce pricing on the Message and pass savings directly on to riders, due to advances in product development, recently scaled production and new partnerships formed at the recent Sea Otter Classic.

Trust Performance Co-Founder and CEO, Hap Seliga, said: “Like most teams or new businesses, we launched with a number of goals. One: get our first three shipments of the Message under riders before Sea Otter. While this seemed lofty and aggressive, we knew it was a challenge we could meet.

“We reached that first goal ahead of schedule, and with increased production efficiencies and new purchase commitments, we’ve been given the opportunity to achieve yet another goal: to offer the Message at a sub-$2,000 price point. We’re stoked to say we’re able to do that, today.”

To add to this, the brand will provide its early adopters with significant cost savings on future purchases of Trust Performance suspension. Riders who purchased a Message at the original MSRP, and have it registered with Trust Performance before 31st May this year, will receive a $1,000 credit toward their next Trust Performance suspension purchase.

Dealers and distributors who brought in the Message under the previous pricing structure will receive a dealer credit, details of which have been provided to these partners by the Trust Performance sales team.

Seliga continued: “At Trust, we do things a bit differently. Sure, many companies say that. But, the reality is: many fall short of living it. Since we started the company, we’ve said we’re focused solely on making things better for the ride and rider. Building the best possible suspension will always be a part of how we do that; passing along cost savings the people who matter most – our riders- is yet another.”

The Message was first launched in 2018. By employing 130mm of contour travel, the Message allows the front wheel to move back and up simultaneously instead of online in line with the steering axis. This effect leads to noticeably improved traction, added stability, and more predictable handling in a wide variety of trail conditions.

Since launching, Trust Performance has established direct partnerships with dozens of shops around the world, while forming distribution partnerships with the likes of Upgrade Bikes (UK), QBP (US) and Mohawk’s Cycles (France) amongst others.

The new UK SRP is £1,900 which is £600 cheaper than previously, and is still available to buy through Upgrade.

Dave Weagle, Trust Performance Founder and Technical Director, said: “We’re serious about turning things in the industry upside down. We’re out to start a movement. It’s a movement that starts with high fives and ends with the best ride our friends ever had.”


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