Mark Sanders revisits folding arena with e-mobility brand South Point bikes

The creator of designs such as the Strida and the Mando Footloose is to return to the folding bike market with a new label dubbed South Point.

A pioneer in mobility and kitchenware, among other inventions, Sanders has collaborated with Han Goes and iRiding Technology Co – a Chinese start up – to bring the new electric folder to fruition.

Eagle-eyed visitors might have spotted the design as far back as Eurobike, but Sanders now has a web portal showing off the bike’s capability in full.

Dubbed the MK1, perhaps hinting at further future developments, the 18-inch wheeled build uses a monocoque aluminium chassis which is puled together in two halves and robotically welded. The result is a sub 15kg (including the integrated battery) bike that the website describes as entirely “affordable” (though price is TBC).

Folded down, the bike measures 56cm high, 55cm deep and 27cm wide, making it the ideal size for Sander’s envisaged multi-modal use. The fold is achieved in four easy steps and the build will happily roll along in the folded position, guided by the saddle.

Capable of 45km on a single charge, the bike is teed up to meet European standards, reaching 25km/h assisted via the bike’s Ananda front hub motor. A four-speed Sturmey Archer gearhub features in the rear wheel.

A gallery of the bike’s features can be found here.