UK bike shops: Can you spare ten minutes for a bag of free goods?

UK bike shops, can we borrow you for the length of time it takes to make a cup of tea? If you haven’t already we are seeking your help on our annual Independent Retail Study.

For the uninitiated, each year CI.N surveys the independent bike shop channel in a bid to map the market’s mood, ambitions and progress. The findings help inform our editorial, so you know you can trust the content read on these very pages.

We do, however, need your help to form this valuable insight; something that you’ll be the first to see in 2020 when we compile the report. That’s right, the data is yours, free of charge, as long as you provide us with your email at the end of the questionnaire. (That’s the only purpose for collecting this data, we promise, in fact even your answers will be anonymised once entered.)

What’s more, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors we have a bag of goods to give away to each participant, including a 60ml bottle of the pictured Continental Revo Sealant.

That’s not all, either. As mentioned in our last call to action you’ll also gain a goody bag from Raleigh UK containing gear from XLC, TF2 and Guy Martin’s Proper Cleaner.

The survey takes no more than ten minutes and is ready to be completed here (We ask that only UK bike shops take part). CyclingIndustry.News thanks you for your participation in helping us better understand the UK bicycle retail market.