SMS cyclist study says 43% “likely to buy an electric bike” in next 2 years

Having announced its intentions to up its research into the buying habits of cyclists back in February, Sport Marketing Surveys data has revealed some 43% of its consumer database are “likely” or “very likely” to buy an electric bike inside the next two years.

With over 1,000 UK “core cyclists” on its database, Sports Marketing Surveys cycling business manager Ed Willis told CyclingIndustry.News its International Cycling Behaviour Programme will offer companies a strong insight into buying habits of established cyclists in the next few years.

“We have a certain criteria in gathering this data. We’ve taken great interest in the core group of cyclists who are spending the vast majority of the money in the market,” said Willis.

Though a paid for data service, SMS let us in on a sample of their most recent findings, offering:

  • 4% of core UK cyclists say their main bike is an urban e-bike and 2% say their main bike is a mountain e-bike.
  • In Germany – 8% of core cyclists say their main bike is an urban e-bike and 3% say it is a mountain e-bike.
  • 23% have ridden an e-bike in Germany compared to just 8% in the UK.
  • Older cyclists are still much more likely to say that their main bike is an urban e-bike.

Sports Marketing Surveys are currently compiling a new market report set for January publication. Look out for more on that on CyclingIndustry.News in the near future, or get in touch with them direct to inquire about your own tailored market study.