UK Triathlon market value sees 57% growth since 2012, says annual industry study

The UK’s triathlon industry was worth £445 million in 2016, marking a stunning 57% growth since 2012, according to the Triathlon Industry Association’s annual study.

Drawing on feedback from 5,529 triathletes and paired with numerous trade interviews to validate the feedback, the fifth annual study suggests that the UK has a growing population of triathletes, estimated to top 150,000 – a figure that’s grown 7% on 2015’s feedback. What’s more, they spend on average £2,970 per year on their sport.

Appetite for event participation appears to be surging, with the respondents delivering a 67% year-on-year growth in spend on event entry, accommodation and travel. Some 24% of those surveyed raced overseas in the past year.


Sales growth elsewhere was driven by wetsuit trade, up 137% and sports nutrition, up 82%. The study outlined that an increased in popularity of open water swimming (up 13%) was likely a factor in driving this trade, with some 72% of those surveyed having purchased a new wetsuit in the past three years. 75% said that they consumed some form of sports nutrition at least once a week.

Bike sales, perhaps the biggest ticket item, did however suffer a 7% decline in purchases.

Overall growth, while not as marked as the overall four year statistics, did rise by 4.4% like-for-like.

The full 126-page report is available to all members of the Triathlon Industry Association, something that costs £450 + VAT per year. Membership enquiries can be made here.