Utrecht to see €597 a head on cycling in budgets running to 2018

Utrecht has outlined a spend of €186 million for investment in cycling up to 2018.

Already famed for its cycle-friendly infrastructure, Utrecht’s 311,367 citizens will have around €597 euro a head spent on them during the period.

Outlined in the Entry Cycling City 2016 report, funding looks set to be split as follows:

  • €66 million on infrastructure, both new and improved across the region.
  • €34.5 million on offer for the development of bicycle bridges and tunnels,  of which the most notable new bicycle bridge is on the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal.
  • Bicycle parking is to be allocated €73.5 million.
  • €11 million to be spent on “other” cycling developments.

In the prior 2011 to 2014 period the city spent around €40.7 million on cycling infrastructure, which primarily focused on the new Leidsche Rijn development.

Additionally, €46 million in bicycle parking was laid down, while bridge and tunnel projects added €18.5 million to the cycle-friendly city’s tally.

In total, around €110.5 million was spent in cycling over that four year period.

The full report (available in Dutch) is found here.

Elsewhere in the Netherlands, Groningen outlined its plans to spend some €85,000,000 on cycling and promotion.