Value up, volume down, shows latest UK import data

New import and export data released to Bicycle Association members this week has shown a continuation of the trend for value increase in imports, with volumes steadily decreasing.

Attributed largely to increasing values of electric bikes landing on UK shores it appears that the UK’s average sale price is climbing from a long-established sub £300 price point.

Tallying with soon to be published research by CI.N that places some 68% of retailer’s average sale prices between £400 to £1,000, the BA data primarily points to electric bikes as the most likely cause for the average unit value increases.

Having largely filtered out incorrectly coded products that had previously seen items like hoverboards and scooters skewing the data, it is now believed that the average e-bike value imported sits at £700, up from the questionable £300 of last year’s data.

According to the BA, the value of imported e-bikes is still on a significant upwards trajectory, by the end of 2016 representing 7% of the total value of all imported bicycles and e-bikes together.

The volume of non e-bike imports in Q1 of 2017 declined by 16% like-for-like, continuing a downward trend on the back of a period of oversupply.

A notable dip of 65% has been recorded against bicycles imported from Taiwan in the 12 months from the end of Q1 2016 to the end of Q1 2017.

When it comes to exports, units moved are significantly up on Q1 2016, though the overall value is 4% down, something the BA suggests is most likely due to the effect of Brexit on sterling.

To access the full report interested parties can enquire about becoming a Bicycle Association member here.