Velo-City Global Cycling Summit 2019 set for Dublin

The European Cyclists’ Federation board has revealed that the 2019 Global Cycling Summit will take place in Dublin.

“We are excited to bring participants from all continents in 2019 to Dublin. Velo-city 2019 Dublin will – as all our Global Cycling Summits do – offer a great opportunity for sharing the experience, knowledge and expertise about the promotion of cycling worldwide,” says Bernhard Ensink, ECF Secretary General.

Dublin City Council’s successful bid was chosen on the back of “a strong proposal with an integrated and collaborative team, and (one that) displayed strong political commitment on all levels, from local to national.”

For these reasons, the ECF Board has chosen the capital of the Republic of Ireland as host of its global cycling summit. Velo-city Series Director, Marcio Deslandes, says of the choice: “Dublin is a great example of a city moving towards a more livable, safe, and active environment for its citizens.”

As well as playing host to the Giro D’Italia before now, Dublin has hosted the conference before in 2005, something that Chief Executive of Dublin Council Owen P. Keegan said proved a “catalyst for cycling growth in the city. The number of cyclists in the city increased by 147% since 2005, but also the conference showed that cycling was a real and viable mode of transport for Dubliners.”

An exhibition runs alongside the conference with an additional day added for consumer attendees.

The previous European edition of Velo-city had 1,500 delegates, at Velo-city 2015 in Nantes-France. The next edition of Velo-city will take place in Arnhem-Nijmegen, the Netherlands, from 13-16 June 2017.