Velofix closes 2016 with 300% year-on-year revenue growth

North American mobile mechanic franchise Velofix has revealed that it will close 2016 out with a 300% growth in revenue year-on-year.

Having told CI.N of its plans to expand the franchise into the UK and beyond, Velofix added 44 mobile shops in North America in 2016, bringing the tally to 89 franchise territories.

2016 also saw the firm launch Velofix Direct, a last mile service contract with key industry brands.

Importantly, franchise partners now also have access to component supply from Shimano, SRAM an FSA, all of which are available via the cloud based operating system. A brand new website, powered by a proprietary route-optimized booking service, also launched in 2016.

“We stayed on the gas and really never let up all year, which has put us in a great position to start looking into further growth opportunities in Europe,” says velofix co-founder Chris Guillemet. “It also serves as a pretty confident reminder that quality, convenience and premium service represent the future of the modern bike shop, and we’re proud to be setting that bar.”

To drive forward European opportunity, Guillemet hired former Canyon executive Ward Grootjans. Stateside, franchises have now been signed for Chicago, Washington DC, Las Vegas, and the entire state of Minnesota, which is set to launch between January and February.

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