Veygo turn to TikTok to raise awareness for Dutch Reach manoeuvre

Temporary car insurance provider Veygo has teamed up with UK TikTok influencers to raise awareness of the Dutch Reach, a road-safety manoeuvre aimed at protecting cyclists from car doors opening in their path.

The Dutch Reach manoeuvre requires car users to reach across with the hand furthest away from the door, so in the UK, the left hand of the driver, or right hand of the passenger. This means they then rotate their body, giving them the opportunity to check for oncoming cyclists or motorbikes before opening the car door.

Gunnar Peters, CEO at Veygo said: “Too many cyclists are injured, some seriously, every year when something as simple as the Dutch Reach could potentially save a life. With more of us likely to be avoiding public transport and opting for alternative modes of transport like driving and cycling, now is the perfect time for road users to look out for each other.

“The Dutch Reach is a simple manoeuvre but too few of us are making it habit and could be putting cyclists at risk every day. By creating a fun and simple-to-replicate routine and engaging with an audience of young drivers on TikTok, we hope to make it the norm.”

Veygo joined forces with Liara Barussi, a Cardiff-based choreographer, who has worked with the likes of Stormzy and Adidas in the past, to create a simple dance-routine incorporating the Dutch Reach, to help encourage the conversation around road-safety and get a generation of young drivers to think about cyclists and other road users when out and about.

According to Cycling UK , ‘dooring’ – the term used when cyclists are knocked of their bikes by car doors opening unexpectedly – is responsible for more than 500 accidents across England, Wales and Scotland every year. Research from the charity also revealed 35% of drivers admit to not looking for cyclists before opening their car door.

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