Vivax introduces 1.8kg easy install e-bike kit

Vivax has shown what it calls the “world’s lightest e-bike kit”, coming in at 1.8 kg (including the battery) and it’ll fit most bikes, assuming they’ve a Hollowtech 2 crank.

The tiny 200 watt motor slides into any frame with a straight seat tube and will deliver 90 minutes of assistance per charge, delivering what feels like 110 watts of assistance to the rider.

Tucked inside the frame, it’s the kind of system that’s often been pictured in “mechanical doping” stories, with the hidden shaft rotating against notches on the bottom bracket, thus propelling the crank. The 6.0 Ah Lithium Ion battery (850 grams) sits within a seatpack.

The system is compatible with 30.9 and 31.6mm seat tubes and retails for €2,699. An increased capacity battery (9Ah) is available at a €199.00 surcharge.