Yellow Jersey adds insurance packages for cycle couriers

Three tiers of insurance are now available to cycle couriers via specialist provider Yellow Jersey.

Having introduced a number of bike shop and mechanic’s insurance packages earlier this year, Yellow Jersey is tapping into an expanding segment and incoming mobility trend for the bicycle industry’s bike makers.

Included in the packages, which can be bespoke made for businesses operating multiple bikes, are things like public liability, theft of your courier bike at home or away, crash damage, cover for employees on deliveries, optional legal expenses and more.

It has been demonstrated that business, particularly those in flatter cities, are in the majority of cases able to save time and money by turning to cargo bikes for logistics purposes.

“Demand for sustainable yet affordable delivery solutions, particularly within cities, is growing. Indeed the Bicycle Association is pressing the government to incentivise greener ‘final-mile’ deliveries to reduce the numbers of vans and HGVs on our city streets. Our courier insurance now provides affordable cover to enable individuals and local businesses to deliver in a sustainable way whilst protecting the bikes and the public,” said Tom McMorrin, Yellow Jersey’s Head of Business Development.

To enquire about the packages on offer, contact the firm on 0333 003 0046, or by email here.