247 bikes destined for Brick Lane Bicycles stolen on route

A 40HC container packed with 247 bikes destined for London’s Brick Lane Bikes has been stolen en-route.

“The theft was somewhere on the way from Southampton to London when the driver ran out of hours and had to stop for the night,” Maciek from Brick Lane Bikes told CI.N. “We have just been informed that an email was sent to some bike shops offering a purchase of wholesale quantities of our Bikes.”

The retailer is therefore asking those in the trade to be on the lookout for suspicious sales, in particular singlespeed and city bikes from the 6KU brand.

Stolen models include:

– 6KU barcelona

– 6KU dallas

– 6KU nebula 1

– 6KU detroit

– 6KU nebula 2

– 6KU lincoln red -city bike

– 6KU delano – city bike


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