472 Eurobike Award entries whittled down to 51 winners by expert panel

The judging process for this year’s Eurobike Awards has concluded with 51 winners selected by an expert panel of industry veterans and design experts.

Twelve entries from the successful pool will celebrate with a Gold Award, defined as a product that has the potential to “redefine start of the art” in the industry.

For the first time in its history, the expert panel’s decision-making process was simplified by a digital pre-selection stage, during which a twelve-strong panel undertook an initial selection from the Award entrants. This left 270 new products on the short list for a Eurobike Award. The expert judges examined, tested and evaluated these submissions for the competition on 9 and 10 August in Friedrichshafen.

This year’s judging panel included; Thomas Hellriegel, one of Germany’s most successful triathletes, Lotte Kraus, a leading expert in ergonomics, and Marcus Schröder, a renowned bicycle tester. Contributing further valuable expertise were panel members Kevin Quan, founder of the Canadian design studio KQS, Italian cycle trade journalist Marcella Crisanti and Rik De Bruin, owner of a Dutch bicycle business that has been family-run for 60 years. Chairing and providing support for the Eurobike Award judges’ meeting was the German Designer Club (DDC).

One company will additionally be able to celebrate a Green Award, which is presented to particularly sustainable product developments.

On August 31st – the opening day of the Eurobike Show – the full list of winners will be announced at the main stage in the West Foyer. Moreover, as from 5.30 pm, the winners of Gold Awards, which have remained a secret up until that time, will be revealed separately on the Show stage in the East Foyer.

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