Alberta Bikes Conference to focus on cycling’s role in boosting regional tourism

This year’s Alberta Bikes Conference will draw on expertise from around the globe when it comes to cycling’s role in enhancing a region’s tourism.

With cycling said to represent a huge 10% of Germany’s tourism income, city planners are understandably keen to tap into the potential of bike share programs, trail building and other tourist-targeted adventures by bike.

Organised by non-profit Alberta Bikes, the event aims to unlock the potential for both existing and new cyclists locally, as well as the region’s vibrant tourism trade.

Speakers this year are set to include:

Keynote: Andy Clarke, Director of Strategy, Toole Design Group (Maryland, USA)

Scott Bricker, Destination Development Manager, Travel Oregon

Louisa Mursell, Executive Director, Transportation Options (Toronto, ON)

Cameron Spence, Industry Development Manager, Travel Alberta

Joachim Hochstein, Cycling Office with the City of Frankfurt (Germany)

Elliot Fishman, Director, Transport Innovation, Institute for Sensible Transport (Melbourne, Australia) *via videolink

Steve Parish, Mayor for the Town of Ajax (ON)

Keynote: Parks Canada: Veronique Pelletier, Trails Officer, National Office and Eric Baron, Product Development Officer, Banff National Park

Michael McCoy, Media Specialist, Adventure Cycling (Montana, USA)

Ryan Correy, Adventure Cyclist & Community Engagement, Hammer Nutrition Canada

Set for the Canmore Nordic Centre, the fourth annual event will this year run Saturday 17th to 18th of September. Tickets are now on sale here.