Amp Human joins Upgrade Bikes portfolio

Upgrade Bikes has announced that Amp Human will be joining its brand portfolio for UK distribution.

After a successful launch of the Amp Human PR Lotion, the brand decided to launch its PR lotion packet- a bicarbonate based solution featuring a new and improved formula. The product delivers bicarbonate directly to the working muscles, via the skin and is scientifically proven to improve performance and decrease muscle soreness.

For those that think they recognise the name, Amp Human recently announced the addition of British Olympian and Tour de France Champion Geraint Thomas to its athlete roster and investor list.

The partnership marks a two-year agreement that will see Geraint “G” Thomas as an active advisor to Amp Human as it expands its human performance portfolio. Additionally, Geraint will be a shareholder in the early-stage company that has ambitious product and international expansion plans for 2021.

When pushing it hard in racing, body building and other high intensity sports the body releases lactate telling you to slow down in an attempt to aid in recovery. The PR lotion packets are designed to be applied on the go, managing this natural release, thus enabling athletes to train harder and for longer. For the bike shop, counter top box units will be available to help drive impulse sales.

The Amp Human PR lotion sachets are now in stock with the distributor with strong stock levels supporting replenishment. More information can be found here.