The BA look to recruit consultants on development of new UK cycle parking standard

The BA and Sustrans, on behalf of the Cycle Rail Working Group, are looking for expressions of interest from consultants for the development of a new UK cycle parking quality standard.

The Bicycle Association has been working to facilitate the development of a UK quality and security standard for cycle parking hardware and installation, as part of our efforts on behalf of the industry to address cycle theft.

Theft remains an issue within the cycling industry as a significant number of people give up cycling all together once their bike is stolen. Additionally, cyclists might perhaps be put off by cycling a particular route if there is not secure parking.

The new standard intends to address issues such as the design, durability, installation and effectiveness of cycle parking.

In 2018, the BA brought together a group of initial stakeholders including DfT, TfL, the Cycle Rail Working Group and several suppliers. The intention was to draft the standard within this group, but additional resources were needed.

Funding has now been secured, subject to formal conformation, by the Cycle Rail Working Group (CRWG), to employ a suitably qualified consultant to develop the new standard.

The CRWG funding and the consultant contract will be managed by Sustrans with additional BA support. The intention is that the completed standard will be made available on the BA website for public access free-of-charge.

Consultants wanting to be considered for this work are invited to send initial expressions of interest by the 11th September 2020. Further details about the project, and the expected format of submissions, can be downloaded from

Furthermore, Sustrans welcomed news in May by the Government that a pot of £2.5 million will see cycle parking at 30 key railway stations reinforced.