Babboe recalls City cargo bike models amid safety concerns

Dutch cargo bike manufacturer, Babboe, has issued a recall for some models of its two-wheeled City cargo bike, after quality testing revealed manufacturing errors and welding defects in some frame parts.

The City models affected start with the following frame numbers: GB10, GB11, GB12, GB16K, GB16L, GB17,GB18, U17, U18, WSP3 and WSP4. The frame number can be found on the left-hand side of the bottom bracket, while later models also have a sticker with the frame number on the seat tube.

According to Babboe, quality testing identified that City model frame parts produced between 2010-2012 have a manufacturing error, while front frame parts produced between 2017 and June 2018 may have welding defects. Intensive use may cause hairline cracks in the affected frames which could cause the frame to sag and create an “unsafe situation.”

The brand announced it “won’t take any risks” and will replace the aforementioned frame parts free of charge.

Customers can check if their frame is affected at and if it is listed, and encouraged to stop using their cargo bike and contact their reseller.

Earlier this year, Babboe released a new dog-friendly cargo bike for pet owners, and Slim Mountain cargo bike for adventurous families.

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