Bicycle Association to undertake census of UK industry

The Bicycle Association is to undertake a census of the UK cycling business in a bid to better inform discussions with Government.

The BA’s Executive Director, Steve Garidis, explained why the BA is taking this action: “This Census is an unprecedented opportunity for the industry to help drive the collective actions we need to keep cycling growing even as lockdowns ease. Our contacts in Government expect us to have a deep knowledge of all sectors of the UK industry and how they can help deliver cycling growth: this Census will equip us with the answers.

“We also want to hear the industry’s priorities when it comes to supporting growth. We ask, for example, about what we should prioritise from Government when it comes to driving e-bike uptake. We ask how we can work together to tackle cycle theft, and to improve industry recruitment and careers, and much more.”

The Census is open now, runs until 8th August 2021, and all types of business can be counted by participating at this link.