Gazelle to create bike mechanic jobs with in-house training scheme

Dutch bike maker Gazelle will create numerous bike mechanic jobs for youth undertaking a newly-created in-house training scheme.

Working with the assistance of the Bedrijfsschool Fietsmontage, those aged between 16 to 23 will be offered the opportunity to spend four days training with Gazelle. A further day in local school Rijn IJsell College will be used to bolster the student’s knowledge.

In response to a shortage of trained mechanics deemed to be entering the bicycle industry, Gazelle’s programme will see students train to local standards BBL, MBO Level 2 in just under two years.

Students will learn under the expert tutelage of Gazelle’s own in-house trainers who will review progress ahead of potential job offers.

What’s more, students won’t be left out of pocket. Gazelle plans to reimburse training costs, as well as provide a full-time salary during working hours.

Those achieving the diplomas will be considered for the bike mechanic jobs, with Gazelle stressing that the course is open to both men and women.

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