Birzman recalls tubeless inflators Pump-up BM17 and BM20

Birzman has circulated a safety recall notice, calling for its customers to immediately cease using the Pump-UP tubeless inflation line’s BM17 and BM20 products.

The notice reads:

birzmanWe have identified a potential safety issue: The condensation of moisture produced on the inside of the Inflator during the release of high-pressure air may affect the adhesives used on the upper and lower covers, and this could impact the life-span of the product. External factors including humidity of the storage environment, atmospheric pressure and inflation over the limit may contribute to the acceleration of this outcome.

Under incorrect use such as inflating the product over the 220psi limit, the product could leak air, disassemble, or result in personal injuries.

The use of Pump Up Tubeless Inflators of either versions (BM17-PUMP-UP & BM20-PUMP-UP) should be stopped immediately.

Further information and the procedure for making returns will be clarified within the next four weeks and UK distributor Silverfish is soon to begin alerting its customers who have taken stock of the product.

Silverfish offered: “Retailers should immediately remove these products from sale and quarantine any stock. Where possible they should also inform customers who have purchased these items to cease using them.

“On behalf of Birzman we would like to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this situation has caused our customers.”

Trade customers can contact Silverfish directly with any questions by emailing