Brose to launch North American service centre in 2018

Electric drive systems maker Brose will open a new service centre in the North West of the USA early in 2018.

With Dan Jeffris now guiding the brand’s OE progress within the market, Brose will look to develop new OE business, backing this up with a 3 to 4 day turnaround for any service requirements U.S. or Canadian dealers may have. Brose batteries and motors carry a two year warranty as standard, with the latter double sealed against the most common complaint drive makers have; water pressure washed into the components.

Jeffris said of the advance within the market: “The industry is now making some positive moves to educate the consumer about the possibilities of an electric bike and thankfully that voice is growing against those vocal against electric bikes. Within the U.S. there are 65 million baby boomers who are potential customers for an electric bike, so we’re excited to be investing here, it’s a big opportunity.”

At the present time you’ll find Brose motors on some of the market’s leading brands in the electric bike filed, including Bulls, Fantic, iZip and Raleigh USA, among others.

“Brose is an open system, so we’re offering bike makers a lot of flexibility and display options. I think, aside from the high quality of the product, it’s this flexibility that sets Brose apart,” added Jeffris.