Cane Creek marks Helm Coil launch with temporary name change

Cane Creek will be known as Coil Creek for the month of November, with the North Carolina firm marking the launch of its Helm Coil fork with the marketing stunt.

“With the release of the HELM Coil 27.5 you can now experience the outstanding ride qualities of Cane Creek – excuse me, Coil Creek – suspension on both ends of your bike,” said Brent Graves, president and CEO of Coil Creek. “I was riding the HELM Coil 27.5 and a DBcoil IL in Pisgah and the suspension worked so perfectly together, I came back to the shop, called everyone together, suggested we change our name and everyone agreed. What can I say? We love coils around here.”

The 27.5-inch wheel specific Helm Coil offers 160mm of travel at factory spec and the ability to change the location of the spring perch on the fork’s travel-indexed compression rod – all achievable tool free. The fork is designed for optimal performance between 140 and 170mm travel and is adjustable in 10mm increments from 170mm down to 100mm.

The Helm Coil is far from the firm’s first foray into coil suspension, with the Double Barrel shock of 2005 making waves at the time. Since then, Cane Creek have had the DBcoil suspension systems on the market.

Extra UK distribute Cane Creek in the UK.