Comodule introduces Lite version of its IOT solution

Introduced at Eurobike, IOT specialist Comodule has developed a Lite version of its hardware that connects via Bluetooth.

The Comodule product is widely used by e-Bike systems manufacturers, most notably Fazue and BMZ systems, as well as by bike makers Gazelle, Ampler and Rotwild, among others.

For these labels Comodule’s ecosystem enables manufacturer’s the ability to offer customers smartphone connectivity and thus features like bike performance tuning and navigation. Other possibilities include GPS location to help trace thieves.

The result of this development is a slim product line that provides value from connectivity to manufacturer and rider, but without the extra cost of telecom services.

Comodule CEO Kristjan Maruste says about this: “We have learned from the market that GSM-GPS connectivity solutions that we offer in our product line Comodule Full are sometimes too sophisticated for companies who just start digitalising their products. We found they influence the business model of many manufacturers by recurring cost and revenue streams on one product. Therefor Lite provides a slim platform based on two plug-and-play hardware devices for many e-Bike Systems.”

Lite’s hardware connectable via the Comodule app consists of a new Diamond display for the handlebar, or an electronic unit to be integrated into the e-Bike system itself.

Both connect phone and bike in the same way, whereas Diamond provides features beyond regular bike displays. Besides indicating riding information or changing assist levels it allows the rider for example to start navigation on the Diamond when connected to the app.

Notably for manufacturers, although there is no sim chip equipped to the hardware devices, industry partners can still benefit from vehicle performance data for service or future product development. Given the permission of the rider, the Comodule App will automatically push vehicle information to Cloud once the rider connects his phone to the bike. That helps manufacturers to provide a better product service and better products in future.

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