Copenhagen crowd maps cycling infrastructure needs as it shoots for 50+% modal share

Copenhagen has called on its citizens to mark on a map of the city where they feel bicycle infrastructure should be developed or improved.

Crowd-sourcing the demand, the city’s Bicycle Track Plan was developed in order that the city could realise a 2025 ambition to achieve a 50% by bicycle modal share for trips to work and education.

Citizens were asked to mark on a map of the city in red for an indication of no safe infrastructure, in black to indicate that current facilities are too narrow and in blue to indicate high levels of congestion. The result is a data-rich picture that city planners intend to take into consideration in forward planning.

Around 10,000 dots were placed on the map within ten days, according to the Danish Cycling Embassy, with red dots the most prominent feature.

Recognising that around 1,000 citizens are joining the population per month, a trend set to continue for the next decade, models have shown that bicycle traffic will grow by around 25% until 2025 and as much as 36% in rush hour.

As yet funds have yet to be allocated to the plan, but the data will form part of the evidence-based planning in budget negotiations between now and 2025.

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