Copenhagen granted near €19 million for cycling upgrades in 2017 budget

Copenhagen has been granted nearly €19 million in the 2017 budget for improvements to cycling infrastructure, including bridges linking key parts of the city. reports (in Danish) that a new link in Dybbølsbro will see a 56 million Kroner investment, improving life for cyclists between the famed Bicycle Hose bridge and Fisketorvet shopping area.

The budget will also provide better parking facilities at transport hubs, as well as safe routes to school joining smaller local settlements. Repairs to exisiting paths will also be undertaken.

In announcing the spend, Technical and Environmental Mayor Morten Kabell described the cash as “a victory for Copenhageners who want clean air and less noise.

“Motorists are deliberately opted out during budget negotiations because the solution to congestion problems is prioritising space-saving transport such as bicycles and buses, while putting cars at the back,” he told the site.

This article has now been added to our series on cities around the globe building for cycling.