No shows! Key goods from Ison, i-Ride and Extra for the season ahead

In the absence of the trade’s annual outings to the Corebike exhibition you may find yourself in the unusual position of missing trade shows. Have no fear, here’s a sample of the highlight goods from i-Ride, Extra and Ison that would have been stealing the show had the halls of Whittlebury hall been bustling…

Fulcrum Wind 40
I-Ride 01444 243 000

The Wind 40 wheelset offers a distinct aero advantage yet impressive weight and handling. Fulcrum has developed its technology analysing countless wind tunnel cycles, real world testing, and subsequent laboratory analysis. This has resulted in a rim profile which has been specifically designed to provide a flat transition from tyre to wheel in order to limit the disruption of airflow and thus maximise aerodynamics. The innovative rim shape has also been designed with the objective of reducing the effect of cross winds on the ride as much as possible for adaptability to any course and weather condition.

The unidirectional carbon fibre rim construction features Fulcrum Mo-Mag technology which allows for a completely sealed spoke bed to facilitate perfect tubeless integration, with a 19mm internal rim width perfectly suited to support 25 and 28c tyres. The 24 straight pull double butted spokes are threaded to each rim by hand using nipples which are moved into place with magnets in Fulcrums Italian wheel building facility. Asymmetric 2:1 spoke lacing with 16 spokes on the rear drive-side and eight on the front non-drive side are optimised to best spread the stresses generated by the rear hub driver body and front disc rotor.  

Northwave RazerNorthwave Razer
I-Ride: 01444 243 000

Available in three new colours for 2021 the Northwave Razer offers all the features necessary for great ventilation and powerful performance on the pedals. The SLW3 dial closure system binds the foot asymmetrically and evenly to avoid any pressure points. This innovative lace technology also features a single button for step-by-step release adjustment of the shoe by the millimetre or a full release in a quick and intuitive way.

The unibody shoe construction features ultra-thin reinforced material around the strategically placed mesh inserts to deliver top-notch breathability whilst ensuring a stable pedal connection. The reinforced XC sole is designed around a two-bolt SPD cleat fitment with high grip TPU rubber lugs for walking traction off-road and the option to fit studs to the toe section. The toe box and at the heel cup are also TPU reinforced for added durability and resistance to wear.

Fidlock Vacuum
Ison distribution: 01353 662662

Having impressed many with the expansion of the classic Fidlock built into all things from water bottles to saddlebags, Ison will now carry a new line under the Vacuum banner. This particular product is deigned to haul smartphones on handlebars and stems and all the latest phone cases are catered for. The modular system, as the title suggests, utilises a vacuum force that holds a phone firmly to the bar, but being Fidlock a magnet further enhances the grip. The magnet centres the phone and holds it securely. Additional security – especially under high load – is provided by the vacuum, created by a suction cup. The smartphone is released by simply turning a small lever on the phone base.

Cases carried by Ison cover the iPhone SE second generation, as well as iPhone 8, iPhone 11 or XR, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, the new iPhone 12 series, and Samsung S20, S20+ and S 20 Ultra. The handlebar base kit includes two clamps for both a 22.2 and 31.8mm handlebar.  

halo core isonHalo Gravel tyres
Ison Distribution 01353 662662

New from Halo is a rigorously tested and well thought trio of tyre solutions for the gravel rider, all sold at £49.99 RRP and each with a distinct tread pattern to cover all conditions and surfaces.

Developed over a three-year period the range has been refined to offer minimal rolling resistance, high traction levels and where needed, mud shedding abilities. All tyres in the range offer large tread wrap for extreme lean angles and features dual compounds.

The range consists of the RXR, GXR and GXC models, which are all built around a light weight and reliable 60TPI tubeless carcass. Not only does the carcass choice allow the tyres to conform to the terrain for grip and comfort, but also brush off a large amount of potential damage from objects on the road or trail.  

Crank Brothers debuts shoes
Extra: 01933 672 170

Breaking cover shortly before Christmas Crank Brothers have made the leap from pedals to shoes built for clips or, if preferred, flat pedal use. The debut offers up a duo of clip in models under the Mallet and Mallet E banners and a single iteration aimed squarely at the flat pedal rider, dubbed the Stamp.

extra crank brothers shoes

The latter deploys something called the Match System, which Crank Brothers has apparently had in development for three years, with input from pro Fabio Wilmer. “Fabio added great value to the Stamp shoe, thanks to his cross-discipline experience. He helped us to address some details on the fit and to improve the interface between outsole and pedal. He also worked with us on the last-mile changes: the toe ramp and the outsole flexibility, two points which allowed us to make a significant step forward on the final performance of the shoe,” said Vanni Scapin, footwear designer and developer for Crankbrothers.

The Stamp Flat shoe outsole has a high-friction rubber compound (MC2) designed to stick to the pedal body and low rebound properties to dampen vibrations. In addition, the lug depth is designed around pin dimensions to absorb the pin body. The Mallet and Mallet E shoe outsoles have a mid-friction rubber compound (MC1), which allows for easy pedal entry and exit. The MC1 rubber compound also provides more stiffness for power transfer.

Power transfer is further aided by a snug fit, dialled in via a choice of three closure systems, BOA and strap, speed lace and strap, and lace. With spec a choice for the customer, prices vary and as such the Stamp begins at a very reasonable £114.99 for the laced variety, £134.99 for the Speedlace and £164.99 for the premium BOA iteration. Meanwhile, the Mallet range spans £129.99 through to £179.99, but this time with the added benefit of cleats supplied.  

Topeak Joeblow Tubi 2Stage
Extra: 01933 672 170

For Topeak the JoeBlow is a staple of the catalogue and well known in the trade, but for 2021 the Tubi iteration becomes a focal point, bringing forward a 2Stage inflation technology that makes it ideally suited to service your customers going tubeless. What makes the pump particularly well equipped to this function is the Tubi head which enables the mechanic to attach the head to the valve, remove the valve core (with the head still attached), pump up the tyres, reinsert the valve core, and then detach the head from the valve.

For mechanics who have previously had difficulty seating certain tyres and rims, the Tubi 2Stage means no messing about with valve cores while trying to maintain pressure in the tyre.