More distributors offering direct to customer deliveries, including Moore Large & HKT

Moore Large, HKT and Marin are among the UK cycle distributors offering direct to customer deliveries to help bike shops maintain ‘contactless’ and socially distanced trading during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Moore Large is now offering home deliveries on all bikes and accessories.

The firm said: “We want you and your customers to be safe and healthy during this pandemic; so, we’ve launched our home delivery service to make sure you can still trade, while keeping yourself safe and isolated!

“The service will allow you to order any bike or accessories through our sales team and then get the products delivered straight to your customers door. This service will cut out the need for any person to person contact, helping to maintain the social distancing guidelines and keep people at home.

“We will also build and PDI the bikes and build to 98%, ensuring your customers get great customer service. We are committed to supporting our customers through this difficult time, we’re also offering support through increased credit limits, half price carriage thresholds (excluding direct deliveries), and double days to pay. To find out more, contact one of our sales team.

Cheryl Miller:
Tel: 01332 274235

Estelle Read:
Tel: 01332 274246

Niall Reason:
Tel: 01332 274219

Georgina Edwards:
Tel: 01332 274237

HKT has added a new drop shipping service to its B2B.

“We are using our social media platforms to urge the public to contact their local bike shop if they would like to purchase anything from HKT. If retailers want to list more of our product portfolio on their website then get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

“This service will continue until we are forced to close the office or the corona virus status changes.

“FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS: Right now we believe in making it as easy as possible to work together and keep supporting you. Whether you have a customer desperate for a single set of brake pads or you just want to place a regular stock order. It’s free shipping across the board.

“BUSINESS SUPPORT: Basically, if we can help with anything then we are here and available to help you! Our phone is always on, we are keeping a close eye on emails and we have the option to video meet if somebody would like too.”

Marin, too, is offering a fully PDI’s drop ship service to end consumers.

“While we are being asked to avoid direct contact with customers, dealers can still process orders and get the bike delivered directly to their door. The bikes will be prepped to a ready-to-ride state, having been professionally pre-assembled using sanitary protocols for the utmost safety.

“For Marin dealers looking to get goods shipped directly to their customers, retailers should add a note on their B2B order, e-mail, or call their account manager.”