Feedback Sports enters pro bike tools market

On the back of industry requests workstand experts Feedback Sports have entered the professional bike tools market.

Landing with distributors early in 2017, Feedback’s debut is said to cover 95% of day-to-day maintenance tasks faced by the workshop, barring brand specific specialist tools. Individual tools begin at £7.00 with complete kits beginning at £160.00.

Used, abused and refined over two years by everyone from local bike shops through to Pro Tour Teams, Feedback’s entry product utilises best-in-class forging and CNC machining to build in longevity, as well as chrome coating for a high quality finish.

The Team Edition tool kit is designed to hang from the back of any Feedback Sports workstand for easy and convenient access to tools, but also hang on the back of a headrest making them a popular option for race team cars.

(UK distributor 2Pure has stock availability now and is contactable on +44 (0)131 449 7323)