Fibrax quadruples size of cycling R&D department

Wrexham-based Fibrax have invested in quadrupling the size of its Cycling Development Lab, bringing in new equipment in anticipation of new market trends.

Among new installations, around £40,000 has been spent on a new machine to test what will in time become a range of specialist electric bike brake pads.Though no formula has yet been developed, cycle sales manager Ellis Blackman promises the new products will be a from the ground up design.

“There’s a lot of sintered pads on the market that have been resprayed and badged up as for electric bikes. Ours will be specifically developed for this use and will of course benefit from our experience in the automotive sector in stopping heavier and faster traveling vehicles.”

That won’t be all on the development front either. With what is described as a “super clean F1 style R&D space” currently being kitted out, Blackman says the firm are gearing up to take advantage of some uncommon knowledge in the e-bike sector.

“In the terms and conditions of a lot of e-bike makers booklets you may read that it is necessary to protect your motor in transit, or else risk voiding a warranty. We’re stepping in with neoprene-based covers that will fit universally on mid-motor designs. Though still in prototype stage, we’ve pre-sold 500 to our partner in Germany. If, for example, your e-bikes on a rack and getting blasted with moisture from the road, our design will protect the electrics. We’re also developing a 60% weight reduced casing for the Shimano Steps system.”

As part of the business’s investment, the business will also benefit from a new reception area and fully functional workshop decked out with the latest tooling.

Earlier this month Fibrax also launched into the disc brake cleaner market, again with a 100% UK made formula.