FLi to take over KTM’s parts & accessories distribution in the UK

FLi Distribution has announced that it will be taking over the handling of all KTM Bike Industries UK parts and accessories orders with immediate effect.

Historically KTM have been able to supply its UK dealer network with parts and accessories from its warehouse in Austria.  However, with the increased admin and costs due to be incurred by both KTM and the receiving UK dealer as a result of the new deal between the UK and the EU, the group has come to the conclusion that this is no longer financially sustainable.

This new distribution model concerns KTM’s P&A business, including all in-house brands, external brands and frames.  It does not include the bicycles and e-Bike side of the business as they will continue to be supplied to dealers direct from Austria, with FLi working as KTM’s UK agent, and point of contact for all dealers.

The bikes distribution model remains unaffected as KTM bikes / e-bikes are made in Austria. This means that no duty needs to be paid by the receiving dealer.

All back orders on KTM’s system will be moved to FLi and dealers will be notified directly.  Where necessary, new FLi b2b accounts will be created and the new orders confirmed via the FLi system.

The Fli team are working to create the new accounts and set up all the new products on the system with the new trade prices. The group urges its customers to please be patient during this challenging time and to contact them with any questions.