Following share roll out, Blaze invites OEMs to build in its lighting

Blaze Lighting will begin introducing bike brands to the possibility to integrate its lighting into bike manufacturer’s builds, starting with an invite to the firm’s booth at this weekend’s The Bike Place show.

With over 20,000 lights already fitted (OEM) to Bikeshare schemes such as London Santander Cycles and experienced by thousands of users on a daily basis, demand for the brand’s aftermarket products is rising.

With the current range running until July of 2018, the firm is shortly expected to lift the lid on its next generation lights set to be on the market by Winter of 2018.

A staff offer available to trade members will also currently enable shops to order a Laserlight (retailing at £125) for just £25 including VAT. The lights are only on offer to bike shop staff and are limited to one per person and a maximum of 2 units per store. Deliveries will be made in March 2018 and must be to the retail store address.

This widely acclaimed unit works by projecting a (patented) Laser outline of a bicycle 6 metres in front of the rider. Combined with a 300 Lumen white light, visibility is increased by up to 24%, according to tests by the TRL.

To view the current portfolio, head to the firm’s website here. To enquire about a meeting at The Bike Place, first of all register here, then contact Blaze either via email, or at 0203 196 5244.