Government concedes funding per head in England must double to reach 2025 cycling target

The Government has admitted that funding per head in England must double if it is to reach its cycling target by 2025, TransportNetwork reports.

The Government’s Cycling and Walking Investment strategy set an aim of doubling cycling ‘stages’ from 800 million in 2013 to 1.6 billion in 2025, however ‘interim results’ suggest a lot more needs to be done in order to meet this figure.

The DfT commented: “Interim results from the investment models indicate that annual investment per head in England is likely to need to at least double if the cycling aim is to be achieved in 2025.”

It also revealed that it will shortly update core guidance to local authorities on cycling infrastructure design (Local Transport Note 2/08) while considering a cross-Whitehall approach to include potential joint programme management, co-located joint teams and joint delivery of initiatives in local areas.

Meanwhile, the Transport Select Committee issued a new report in July – Active Travel: increasing levels of walking and cycling – calling for more leadership and ambition to champion walking and cycling in England.

And in September, the day after the Chancellor’s Spending Review/Round – which was criticised for failing to mention cycling – the Department for Transport seemingly made up for that omission with news of £20 million for cycling routes in England.

It seems England isn’t the only country to be falling behind on its active travel pledges, after hundreds of people converged on the Senedd last week calling on the Welsh Government to match Scotland’s £20 per head spend on creating safe walking and cycling infrastructure.



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