Moustache Bikes launch new Lundi 20 cargo bike

Moustache Bikes has announced the launch of its new Lundi 20 multi-usage cargo bike after four years of research and development. Alongside the cargo bike launch, the brand has also launched a full range of accompanying accessories.

Developed with the original Lundi 27 model in mind, the new Lundi 20 cargo bike features a ‘long tail’ format for an easier to ride and safer feel. Available at the beginning of 2022, the line consists of four models, the Lundi 20 cargo line features the Lundi 20.3, the Lundi 20.3 dual, the Lundi 20.5 and the Lundi 20.5 dual.

The 20″ wheels allow for increased agility when riding whilst the height of the telescopic seat can also be adjusted using controls located on the handlebars. Additionally, the Gates belt drive guarantees minimal care is completely integrated for improved safety. The Enviolo system will enable riders to easily change gears with a simple turn of the wrist, whether you are pedalling or not.

Accessories available include;

  • ALBERT protection bar
  • Baby Seat
  • Seat Pad
  • DIEGO passenger bar
  • CLARK 17L backpack
  • GREG & MANU double pannier
  • CLÉMENTINE large pannier
  • HOOK
  • MARIO modular bar
  • CHARLIE small front luggage rack
  • MAGNUM large front luggage rack
  • SALVADOR 23L basket
  • FRIDA 33L crate

For more information, visit the Moustache Bikes website here.

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