Harley Davidson moves on the electric bike market

Motorcycle label Harley Davidson has unveiled a line of electric bikes at a recent dealer meeting, signalling a move into the space.

While the firm’s LiveWire electric motorcycle has been gaining column inches in the press lately, its a series of urban pedal-assist bikes that might give the bicycle industry food for thought. This comes on the back of an increasing trend for automotive interest in the electric bike segment.

It appears that three models are planned, including one low step over frame.

The firm said of the launch: “Harley-Davidson’s first electric pedal-assist bicycles are light, fast, and easy for anyone to ride. Designed to shine in urban environments, this all-new line of eBicycles is just one more example of how Harley-Davidson’s More Roads initiative is actively working to inspire a new generation of two-wheeled riders around the world.”

As Gates’ largest customer, it’s no surprise to see these bikes ditching chains in favour of a more silent and clean drivetrain.

It’s also no surprise to see a mid-drive motor and a bang on trend concealed battery. Given the relaxed angles, small space for the battery and general trend away from throttles, it is likely that these will be pedal-assisted and require user input to activate help.

The keen eyes at Elecktrek have noticed that there appears to be only one brake lever on at least one of the bike’s handlebars, but two hydraulic disc brakes. Might that be a design nod to a motorcycle style braking system? We can’t be sure yet.

The EV site had it confirmed from Harley Davidson that these are in prototype form, but will become production models.