Nai-Wen Kiang joins HPS as Senior Advisor

Human Powered Solutions LLC (HPS) has announced that Nai-Wen Kiang has joined the company as a Senior advisor, having had over 51 years of hands-on engineering experience in human transportation product development, and manufacturing.

Nai-Wen Kiang said: “I have known all the HPS team for many years and am happy to be able to join them to provide my expertise and knowledge of the Asian bicycle business to HPS and their clients.”

Brad Hughes, HPS Managing Director and a founding partner said: “Nai-Wen’s story follows the emergence of the Taiwanese bicycle business in 1970 and the transition of the American business from domestic manufacturing to sourcing in Taiwan and China.”

“He joined Schwinn in 1979, where I first met him.  Nai-Wen moved back to Taiwan in 1982 and set-up Schwinn’s Far East office.  All our product and purchasing teams worked with Nai-Wen and he helped establish the product development and management methods used to this day.  We are fortunate to have him join us,” Hughes added.

Mike Fritz, an HPS founding partner and Chief Technical Officer said: “I worked with Nai-Wen when I was director of engineering for Schwinn’s Fitness Division, and he assisted in both product development and sourcing, including traveling with us and assisting in negotiations with component suppliers and our primary manufacturer.”

Jay Townley, a founding HPS partner and Resident Futurist said: “From the time we both left Schwinn I have collaborated with Nai-Wen on a range of projects.  Nai-Wen has the skill sets to layout a production line, design tooling and components, set-up QA and QC and design complete product.  In the early 1990’s he was the general manager of the Taiwan Bicycle Research and Development Center and an advisor in establishing the same kind of R&D Center in China.  HPS and our clients will benefit greatly from Nai-Wen’s experience and knowledge.”

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