Hutchinson closes factory and delays launches in response to Covid-19

French tyre brand Hutchinson has announced it has closed its factory in Chalette-sur-Loing this morning in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The brand confirmed that commercial activity at the factory will be stopped from Monday 23 March, from which date industrial and commercial activities will be paused until 6th April 2020, with possible extension depending on government announcements. No deliveries will be made until this date.

Only a few employees in support functioning roles will continue working remotely from home, including the company’s division director, the industrial director, the marketing manager, and the communications manager.

Hutchinson has also taken the decision to postpone the launches of its new XC/Trail and Gravel tyres, which were meant to launch on 23rd March and 16th April respectively. The XC/Trail will now launch on 20th April, and the Gravel launch on 4th May.

In an official statement, Hutchinson Cycling Unit Director, Bertrand Ballet, also called for cyclists to take responsibility for slowing down the spread of the virus:

“We also recommend that each cyclist take responsibility for slowing down the spread of the virus by avoiding outdoor cycling, and more generally any risky activity, so as not to overburden hospital staff in the event of an accident.

“Not encouraging people to ride bikes, to have fun and share their passion is against our habits, but it is thanks to our union that we can overcome this epidemic.”


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