i-BikeShop beta testing iC supplier catalogue

Bike industry e-Commerce specialist i-BikeShop has enhanced its funcationality, creating a new iC supplier catalogue that will help dealers shave hours from syncing supplier catalogues to their web shops.

Initially the system will go live with five distribution partners – Endura, Extra UK, Ison, Madison and Windwave – with further partners due to join in the near future. Three are presently live, with Madison and Extra to follow shortly. At present over 53,000 SKUs are listed and ready to sync.

In development for a year, Watts has individually scoured product data to pick out any anomalies.

“If you’re taking the data, you’re taking my word that the data is good. Unfortunately that’s not always the case, so we’ve spent a lot of time and resource fine tuning each entry to guarantee dealers can work with full confidence in the programme,” said Watts. “Going forwards i will check weekly for new product additions from suppliers to ensure your webshop is never far behind in listing capability.”

Dealers can simply log in and subscribe to a distributor’s data file, each of which will display and sync to the shop’s website within no more than 24 hours for each SKU that a dealer chooses to carry, or the supplier’s entire catalogue, if the shop opts to carry in depth.

“At the point where the file downloads the images are collected and published, but dealers retain full manual control should they wish to add their own shots or drive better Seo,” said Watts.

What’s more, the file will sync with a supplier’s image bank, as well as product description. Descriptions can be modified manually, should the dealer wish to add their own words or promotions. This entire process, when demo’ed by Watts at CoreBike, took about 30 seconds to go from download to live online for one brand’s 60 SKU portfolio.

To enable the dealer to keep on top of the heavy web workload, as soon as a supplier drops a product out it will disappear within 24 hours and automatically archive if the retailer has no physical stock. What’s more, if a supplier alters RRP pricing this will also update on the dealer’s channel too.

“As you know the biggest time consumer is putting product in, you can quickly end up with a mammoth task on your hands. This is a cost effective way to keep your website in tip top shape and save your store a lot of man hours in added efficiency,” concludes Watts.

Other points:

  • Will work alongside integration with Seanic RMS, though it is feasible to run without any form of ePos.
  • Product is searchable by part number or name
  • A second phase will further add functionality in the near future

For more information see the website, or contact Watts here.