Industry veteran-formed TRUST Performance ceases trading

US brand TRUST is to close, the suspension brand founded by Dave Weagle, Jason Schiers and Hap Seliga.

Still representing the brand in the UK, distributor Upgrade has confirmed it still has stock of MESSAGE (x10) and SHOUT (x12) forks available now.

“As UK distributor for TRUST we are gutted they have had to cease trading just when things were turning good for the brand,” said Rory Hitchens, Senior Brand Manager at Upgrade. “We are making a new direct to consumer offer of £950 including VAT and shipping for either a MESSAGE or SHOUT fork.

“Sales enquiries can be directed to or by calling 01403 711 611 x1 between 9am-4.30pm weekdays. Needless to say there not be any more forks available after the current stock is sold.”

Upgrade has a full back up on TRUST spare parts and a professional workshop fully trained to support any TRUST forks in the UK for the long term.

Hitchens added: “We also have a number of SHOUT forks out on demo with dealers although the current COVID-19 situation does not allow these to be accessed for test riding at this time.”

Upgrade picked up the brand for UK distribution in 2019, which was a “breakthrough year” for TRUST, surpassing 1,000 units sold. 2020 saw a perfect storm for TRUST, including the shut down of key parts in its Asian supply chain thanks to coronavirus, added to “severe negativity in the investment markets” shutting down SHOUT’s access to capital – just when it needed “increased liquidity to carry us through a critical moment in our business.”

We are utterly and completely gutted. We have given every waking hour over the past few months to find a path forward, but to no avail. Trust Performance, like the rest of the world, will be a different company when life is back to normal.