Kids Bike Trailers biz sets out with demo before you buy model

A new business launched under the Kids Bike Trailers banner will seek to shake up the family cycling market with a model that enables the consumer to try before they buy, or simply rent a child’s trailer for vacations.

Having piloted the idea last summer at the height of the UK’s covid-driven staycation trend, as well as launched a similar site for the turbo trainer segment, the founders of Kids Bike Trailers believe theirs to be the first online portal solely focused on delivery of kids bike trailer and seat hire.

Acknowledging that quality bike trailers can be pricey items to purchase outright without trialing, and that there are a confusing array of models on the market to choose from, the business will deliver tailored advice and start its hire scheme from just £10 for a mounted child seat and £25 for a trailer.

The company hopes that by offering flexible order options and the chance to try several styles before a purchase that it will be able to secure sales on the back of demos where parents discover the best fit for their usage.

The hire model will see the trailer or seat delivered door-to-door, with flexible hire periods. There is even the option to have the equipment delivered direct to the holiday destination. It is also pointed out that many households do not have the room to store child trailers and as such the hire model will better suit many parents.

“We live in London and we hired a Burley Bee for 8 weeks last summer so that we could take our toddler with us wherever we went, without needing to take the car. Kid Bike Trailers made everything really easy for us, from delivery and set-up to pick-up. We don’t have much storage space at home, so it was great to be able to ‘give it back’ over the colder months that we didn’t cycle. We’ll be hiring one again for this summer,” says Bex Smith, mum of one and Kids Bike Trailers customer.

“Due to the success of our kids bike trailer pilot scheme on sister site Turbo Trainer Hire last summer, we felt the time was right to create a dedicated platform specifically for this category. With 2021 set to be the biggest year ever for staycations and UK travel, our service provides hassle-free flexibility on products that bring the family together. And for parents looking for an eco-friendly school-run, Kids Bike Trailers can ensure their child has the most comfortable ride for the journey,” said Sarah Denness, Founder of Kids Bike Trailers’ parent company Pursue Boundaries.

To complete the family cycling adventure package, Kids Bike Trailers also hire out Saris car racks, starting from as little as £10. The racks are also available as a “try before you buy”.